A motivation to change

Marcelo Bravo


From a young age I had a passion for fitness, which saw me running up mountains, or taking to the sea as an eager and tenacious windsurfer. But little did I realise that a back injury from my late twenties, coupled with the negative impact of being a global corporate road warrior, would combine to see me spiral into a life that was out of balance and control, and one that was in need of a serious readjustment.

But my motivation to change only came about when I turned 40, when a meeting with an osteopath and an experienced yogi provided to be the catalyst behind what for me was a significant and remarkable transformation. He encouraged me to embrace yoga and I have never looked back. Not only did it help rebalance my mind, body and spirit, it gave me a renewed confidence and a new lease of life and energy.

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Success emanates from transforming yourself into the best you can be - and you are never too late to start.

Marcelo Bravo



Behind the brand

With expertise in science and

a passion for wellness

A renewed focus of everything that mattered – family, health, passions and dreams – reignited the entrepreneur in Marcelo. It was a path that would enable him to embrace his passion for wellness, expertise in nutrition and years of experience working internationally in everything beauty and wellness related with major corporations such as Procter & Gamble and Boots.

The journey of resetting and rebalancing his life proved to be the personal driver behind the decision to found a pharmaceutical company to specialise in drug reformulation and nutraceuticals, creating authentic wellness solutions with real and proven benefits. Indeed this is where the story of Ellactiva® for life began.

Through Ellactiva®, Marcelo’s quest is to encourage people to adopt a totally holistic approach to wellness and personal fulfillment – to be the best they can be, irrespective of age.

This was the driving force behind the Research and Development (R&D) process of Ellactiva®, centering on Marcelo’s foresight to develop and patent a unique soft chew technology. One that allowed delivery of nutraceuticals, minerals and vitamins with improved bioavailability. Indeed this technology is at the very heart of the advanced Ellactiva® Collagen& range.

Our Open


Ellactiva® promises

open transparency & to deliver beauty & wellness solutions with proven results

Like many industries, the beauty and wellness sector has its fair share of charlatans; brands that exist on self-bravado alone. At Ellactiva®, however, it is all about embracing and encouraging open transparency and scientific rigour as a means of differentiating the Ellactiva® for life brand.

With a passionate dislike for false information in the form of unsubstantiated claims and poor scientific research, Ellactiva® promises to develop products that are designed and created using only the best of ingredients. It is against this background that the Ellactiva® Collagen& range is produced in world class and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Switzerland, a country renowned for its high quality and global presence in wellness and nutraceutical related products.

And, more importantly, ones that are proven to deliver the claims that they are aligned too, supported by credible evidence that is borne out of rigorous scientific research and clinical trial procedures that have been published in peered reviewed journals.

Here’s to the future

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Life is about looking forward and not back, and one where time is better spent adding life to years and not years to life.