About Ellactiva®


Our products are designed to meet your specific nutritional needs, whatever your age. It’s our belief that by using innovative and natural food science to get the right nutrients into your diet every day, we can help you stay active and healthy, for life!

Ellactiva® Collagen& range of soft chews are formulated to deliver 2.5g of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, which are clinically proven to deliver younger, smoother looking skin in just four weeks. However, unlike many other collagen supplements, our Collagen& range of soft chews go beyond skin deep. Regular intake also aims to help sustain your energy levels, support the normal functioning of the immune system and help maintain normal bones. With modern and stylish, on-the-go packaging, each chew is individually wrapped in convenient ‘take me with you’ 10 unit sticks, and so easily becomes part of a healthy regime.

Collagen& Energy (orange zing), Collagen& Immunity (blackcurrant burst), and Collagen& Healthy Bones (creamy caramel) soft chew formats are super clever, insightful and proven to deliver wellness and beauty benefits from inside to out.