5 Ways To Keep Your Brain Fit!

Keeping your brain
healthy is an essential part of ageing well. In fact it’s just as important as
keeping you heart and bones healthy! It’s not as tough as joining the gym or
pounding the pavements, so we’re sharing five easy ways to keep your brain

Staying mentally
active helps to protect the brain as we age. Indeed by challenging our brains
with mind games or a new skill, we generate new brain cells that help build
crucial reserve cells and connections.

Challenge yourself

Puzzles and
crosswords might seem like a nice way to pass the time, but they’re much more
than that, they are mental exercises that provide an excellent way to challenge
your brain and help improve short-term memory.

The more you practise
these kinds of challenges, not only will you get better at them, your brain
will develop new strategies and problem-solving techniques, which will help you
stay sharp.

Learn a language

Bonjour, Ciao, dzień dobry. Learning a new language can have amazing
short-and long-term benefits for your brain, as it helps to slow the ageing
process by encouraging your grey cells to regenerate.

It’s also a fantastic
way to build new relationships and expand your circle of friends, which is
another super productive way to help your brain stay young. It’s all about
surrounding yourself with people from all walks of life.

Daily digital detox

Studies have recently
revealed that as few as 30 tech-free minutes a day can help improve brain
health. Simply removing ourselves from digital devices such as phones, tablets
and computers for even a short period of time, our brains can think deeply
without distraction, helping us to complete tasks properly.

Change things up

One of the best ways
to prevent mental overload and fatigue is to avoid multitasking, which
constantly shifts attention from one activity to the next, thereby stressing
your brain and slowing you down unnecessarily.

Instead, by learning
to do one job at a time, you avoid mental tension as your memory has space to

Meditate, often

Lastly, one of our
favourite tips is to find the peaceful in every day. Just five minutes of
peaceful meditation can have drastic effects on our general wellbeing and brain
health, helping to improve mental clarity, memory and state of mind.

Meditation stills the
brain, and in turn the body, allowing both to rest and refocus. Either try a
guided meditation app such as Headspace, or simply sit still for five to 10
minutes while focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath.

We really hope these
help you keep your brain happy, healthy and sharp! If you have other tips of
your own, then we’d love to hear them, so please share them with us in the
comments below or on twitter @ellactiva

Team Ellactiva x